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Dear Majority Leader Skelos:

We, the undersigned people of New York, call on the State Senate to Keep Your Promise and Pass the Pledge: a comprehensive package of reform bills to clean up Albany.

Last fall, 54 of 62 Senators signed former New York City Mayor Ed Koch's pledge to support:

* An Independent Redistricting Commission to draw electoral lines and end the partisan gerrymandering that puts political incumbency over the public interest.

* Strengthened ethics laws that require professional and client disclosure of outside income and the creation of an independent ethics commission for greater oversight and enforcement for public officials.

* Responsible budgeting practices that take the politics out of budgeting to stop fiscal manipulation that allows the state to spend more than it has.

These reforms will change the way Albany does business - giving New Yorkers fair and competitive elections that yield a more responsive state government, greater transparency and accountability for public officials, and structural changes to the budget process that radically reform how taxpayer dollars are spent.

New Yorkers are frustrated with Albany and want the reform they were promised. With only a few days left in the legislative session, the time for change is now.

We write to urge all Senators to Keep Your Promise and Pass the Pledge so New Yorkers finally get the state government they expect and deserve.

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