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5 Unique Home Aquarium Ideas for Happier Fish

Could your home aquarium use an update? If you could ask your fish, they would probably say yes!

A few changes can make a big difference for your home aquarium. Read below for 5 tips on exciting home aquarium ideas you can use today!

1. Fish Tank Sink or Coffee Table

Yep, you read that right. You can actually create a sink or a coffee table fit for a fish. Or a school of them! You can transform an everyday appliance into an incredible fish tank setup.

These fish tank setups are an investment, but they serve as more than just a home aquarium. They can be a statement piece for the whole room or the house. Make sure to invest in proper lighting and cleaning equipment if you decide to jump into the world of aquarium furniture.

2. Go Big or Go Home

If you’re currently storing your turtle, jellyfish, starfish, or beta fish in a small aquarium, it’s time for an upgrade. Consider adding additional underwater creatures or plants in a larger tank.

More space means more awesome things you can do with your aquarium. Start by looking at a twenty gallon tank. This is a great size for people with limited aquarium experience. You can fit a number of interesting fish in this tank with the proper filtration, water quality, and other environmental factors.

3. Mason Jars

Mason jars aren’t just for summertime drinks. They can actually become very cool home aquariums. You can also use the jar as a vase at the same time to provide a unique aesthetic that is both good looking and practical.

If you’re going to choose the mason jar vase setup, start with a small fish like a beta. They are good on their own and don’t need much attention.

4. Fireplace Aquarium

You can replace your fireplace with a giant home aquarium. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also more eco friendly than a fireplace. If you’ve always wanted a big aquarium but weren’t sure where to put it, think about swapping it with your fireplace.

You’ll want a qualified professional to help you with this work. They can let you know how to maintain the tank and any necessary cleaning steps.

5. Aquarium Office Desk or Table

If you want to liven up your desk at home or at work, consider using a fish tank desk or table. It provides a calming sensation when things at work get stressful.

It also saves space in a home office if you only have room for the desk.

Endless Home Aquarium Ideas

These are just 5 of the many home aquarium ideas you could use to improve the space and comfort of your fish tank. No matter what unique tank idea you choose, make sure that you take good care of the water and the tank. You want your fish to be living in a safe and clean environment.

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