When Is the Best Time to Visit an Online Furniture Shop?


Ah, shopping from home, anything better? When shopping for new furniture, knowing the best time of year to buy is essential. Furniture retailers usually release new styles on a biannual schedule, with indoor pieces hitting showroom floors in spring and fall.

But there are also certain times of the year when you can find great deals on indoor and outdoor furniture. The key is to shop during the late winter months of January and February or around holiday weekends like President’s Day.

January and July

Furniture shopping can be tempting when you see pieces you love, but you must be disciplined about sticking to your budget. If you want to buy new indoor and outdoor furniture for your home, consider waiting before pulling the trigger on your purchase. Furniture retailers typically run sales on their products during certain times of the year, making it easier to find pieces that fit within your budget.

Furniture specials are standard in the late winter and early spring because that’s when the newest styles hit stores. Retailers want to clear out the old stock before the new furniture arrives, so they discount their products to attract attention from consumers.

Another good time to shop for furniture is during August and September. That’s when the new office furniture hits stores, including desks, filing cabinets, and bookshelves. Since the new furniture hits stores before the end of summer, retailers need to clear out last year’s stock to make room for the latest product lines.

Site-specific sales are great opportunities to nab discounted furniture. Remember that these sale events with promos like Castlery promo code are typically only for pre-made furniture items. You’ll need to look for other deals if you’re interested in buying custom pieces.

The Holidays

Furniture is a significant investment, so it’s essential to research and shop around to find the best prices. Indoor furniture is typically seasonal in a different way than outdoor pieces are. Still, most sales and discounts occur during major holidays such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

The holidays are a big selling season for furniture because retailers need to move out last year’s stock to make room for the new styles coming in. You’ll also see sales in early spring, such as during the Presidents Day weekend (the holiday is on a Monday in February), and summer because stores want to shift their inventory before cooler weather arrives.

Another good time to shop is in the months leading up to holiday weekends, such as Labor Day and Black Friday. Online and brick-and-mortar stores offer discounts to lure shoppers in before the holidays during these periods.

If you’re a member, watch their two-day shopping event, Way Day. The massive retailer hosts this twice-yearly event to allow customers to snag furniture pieces at the lowest possible price. You may even be able to score an entire room set of the furniture you’re in the market for! During this event, you can also snag great deals on smaller items like bookshelves, side and coffee tables, lamps, decor, and more.

Site-Specific Sales

Furniture retailers often run clearance sales on their online sites and showroom floors around the beginning of the year and through the summer months. These events are meant to clear inventory before new designs arrive in the fall and spring so shoppers can snag a deal on current styles.

Furniture stores also align their inventory with significant sales events targeted at holidays and three-day weekends, Madhok explains. For example, a massive online retailer hosts an April two-day sale with deals up to 80 percent off on outdoor furnishings, such as patio sets and dining tables. Shoppers can also find significant discounts during the Memorial Day weekend in May and the Fourth of July when many retailers stretch their sales to a week or longer.

In addition to observing when large furniture sellers host sales, Madhok advises looking for coupons and deals on individual pieces. You can use a price comparison tool to see the prices of your favorite tunes from various sites before you buy. You can also save by shopping for your desired piece in a store and adding it to the online cart before closing. Retailers keep track of these ‘abandoned carts,’ they’ll often send you a coupon to entice you to finish your purchase.

Regardless of the season, the best time to snag a deal on furniture is if you know exactly what you want and can wait for it. And if you do need to make a quick purchase, experts suggest measuring your space first to help narrow down your options.

Custom Ordering Online

Furniture that needs to be assembled or is custom-made can’t be returned or exchanged, so shoppers should be sure they are getting exactly what they want. If you have questions about a piece, contacting the manufacturer or customer service can help.

Regardless of the season, it’s important to compare prices, especially since walk-in store pricing tends to be higher than online pricing. In CR’s latest survey, walk-in shoppers paid an average of $2,281 for a dining room table, and online buyers paid $961.

If you’re ready to purchase new furniture, consider waiting until the end of winter and summer when retailers discount last year’s stock to make room for this year’s line. This makes the weeks around President’s Day in February and Labor Day weekend in September good times to shop for indoor furniture.

In addition, if you are considering a customized item, be sure to shop during the first and second quarters of the year, when many manufacturers have their peak production times, according to NerdWallet. During these times, manufacturers may offer discounts or special deals to move inventory. However, be aware that custom items can take longer to ship than pre-made furniture and that the delivery time could be a bit longer if you order from overseas.