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6 Ergonomic Tips to Keep Yourself Healthy On the Job

Do you want to keep yourself healthy on the job?

Did you know that 64% of American workers suffer from disorders caused by stationary work? The body suffers from a prolonged stationary position as they make the joints stiff. Keeping at it is a surefire way to impact your posture and health in the long run.

With the pandemic about, though, it’s inevitable that many of us will spend tons of time working on a desk. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, you’ll need these ergonomic tips to help you out. Check them out and keep yourself healthy on the job.

1. Hand Positioning

Your hands and wrists need to be in an angular position with your head. It shouldn’t cross the midline section of the body to avoid straining your joints.

You should also keep your desk at a comfortable distance. If it’s too far, you’ll risk fatiguing your arms and shoulder. Too close, and your wrists and elbow will become the victims.

An ergonomic keyboard will help you take care of your arms and hands while working. They make sure your wrists and arms line up as you type away.

2. Head Level

You need to keep your neck and shoulder aligned with your body. Working with a proper posture can create little to no strain on your body. If your working at a low table, though, there is a chance you will flex your neck downward.

In this case, adjust your seat or table. Proper ergonomics suggests that you keep your head at a 90-degree angle while you’re working.

3. Back Support

Most ergonomic workers spend their lives sitting down while working. In some cases, they slouch without knowing. They need better posture to keep their lower back from getting injuries.

Look for a cushion, pillow, or any soft material that can support your back. This will do you good in maintaining an aligned posture while working. Consider investing in a new ergonomic chair, too, as it tilts the pelvis up for better posture.

4. Take Care of Your Wrists

Your hands are your bread and butter when you’re working from home. This makes it important to take care of them to keep your work going. Taking care of your wrists also prevents long-term damage to your hands.

Check out the guide from for carpal tunnel prevention. This is your number one enemy when you’re working from home.

5. Invest in Better Equipment For Work

You need to be comfortable with the equipment you’re working on. The monitor, keyboard, mouse, stylus, microphone, and others need to be comfortable while using.

Doing this is a great way to improve the quality of your workplace. It’s great in keeping you positive throughout the day.

6. Move From Time to Time

Remember to have frequent breaks from time to time. Do some long stretches to relieve your body from sitting a lot. You can do a brisk walk and get yourself some coffee.

Do this often to prevent your joints from locking. It’s also a great way to stretch your muscles to reset them.

Use These Ergonomic Tips Today

Having muscle or bone problems will only get in the way of work. These ergonomic tips will help you prevent these from happening to you. Keep yourself moving and stay healthy today!

We hope you can use these ergonomic ways to keep healthy. Yet, there are other ideas that we have not mentioned. Look them up and discover why you should do it.