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Ali Ata – How Landscaping Can Improve Your Home’s Value and Salability

There are many tweaks which you can make to your property which can certainly help to increase the value and salability of the place. If you are looking to sell your home however, investing huge amounts of money may not be the smartest idea, as there are no guarantees that you will get that money back in terms of added value to the property. With this being said, many real estate experts like Ali Ata do suggest makings one changes to the property, and landscaping the garden is one which will provide a lot of benefits for anyone looking to sell up.

Curb Appeal

When people come to view a property they need to be impressed from the moment that they arrive, as this will put them in the right mindset as they then walk inside the home. This is what is known as curb appeal, and there is no doubt that a perfectly manicured garden is going to put a smile on the faces of those coming to view the place.

Taking Care

Another positive which a landscaped garden will give you is that it shows any prospective buyers that you have clearly been taking care of the place. This gives them a great deal of encouragement that if once they get inside the property they will see much of the same, and will certainly make your home more attractive to them, and more valuable.


There is a bigger focus than ever before from property buyers who want a property which is ready-made to move into. These days people are looking less and less for ‘fixer-upper’ properties and instead would rather have something that is good enough to move into. Given the fact that we invest our money on the interior of the property first, before the outside, having a landscaped garden is something which many property buyers love the idea of. This means that they can invest time and money on the rest of the house, knowing that the outside is already taken care of.

Adding Most Value

Recent figures suggest that landscaping your garden will actually add more money onto your home than if you were to add a new kitchen, bathroom or even a conservatory onto the property. Given that there are options to landscape your garden at low cost, this makes the most sense in terms of making changes prior to selling the property.

Using The Space

And finally we have to look into the fact that people want to use that outdoor space. If the garden is not well kept or landscaped then people are going to be far less likely to wish to spend time in the garden. This again is why a landscaped garden makes the property so much more salable and why more property hunters would be happier to part with extra money in order to secure your property.

This is why landscaping your garden makes such good sense.