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Rhinoplasty Doctors – Who to Choose?

Rhinoplasty, a long and fancy word for a nose job, is big business. Many people are looking to improve their appearance and the nose is one of the main things people want to change. But, stating the obvious I know, the nose is right in the middle of the face! So for anyone considering getting rhinoplasty, you want to make sure you get the right doctor. You need to weigh up the costs against the experience and professionalism of those performing the surgery. Rhinoplasty doctors can vary greatly in both experience and professionalism. Also to think about is that some specialize in different rhinoplasty surgeries. So a rhinoplasty doctor may be very experienced in one procedure but not in another.

What about the cost of the procedure? The cost can vary greatly depending on the procedure. But many other factors are involved too. Think of the members of staff needed to run the facility and even to be in the room during your operation or procedure. Think too of the medical equipment needed. In recent years, and especially since COVID 19, many medical supplies are for one use only and then disposed of which also adds to costs. Then medical supplies are needed to perform surgery and procedures. Rhinoplasty doctors will usually also charge for their time spent on consultations. Personal costs will also be incurred through travel and buying supplies to help you recover or deal with any discomfort and pain. You may also miss time from work and could lose income.  These factors all need to be considered when making your decision.

Another factor in the cost is the location of where you get the procedure done.  Almost 80% of rhinoplasty procedures and surgeries take place on the east and west coasts. So unsurprisingly, these procedures and surgeries are more expensive in these locations. Those looking for cheaper options may consider trying one of the cheaper states, such as Alabama or Tennessee. Or they even try going abroad as some other countries offer much lower rates for procedures and surgeries. This would need to be weighed up against the travel expenses.

Another question people ask is whether or not their insurance could cover the cost of the procedure or surgery. This usually depends on the reason for the surgery. If it is purely for cosmetic reasons, then the answer would be no. But if the surgery is reconstructive due to health concerns or trauma, then it would usually be covered.