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The 4 most historical drives you can take in the USA

If you want to experience some of the United States’ most historical drives, then we have a nice list for you to start with. You can do these as a road trip or an extended vacation, either way; they are wonderful drives to take, and wonderful memories to make. There is a lot of amazing and beautiful history across the United States, and as it’s your heritage (if you were born here) you should learn it. There’s no better way of learning some of that heritage than enjoying it with a nice driving vacation. Here are a few of our favorites.

Route 66

You can’t get much more famous or classical than taking the route 66 drive. There are even many songs that have been written about it. This is from Lake Michigan all the way to Los Angeles. This, of course, will take you a decent amount of time, probably be about two weeks-worth of travel, but it is well worth it. Be careful of getting lost however, as the route 66 sign is probably one of the most stolen signs in the United States. Some of the things you can see are America’s oldest church, the world’s largest rocking chair, many amazing diners, and more classic and kitschy things than you can imagine. This is what memories are made of, and it will give you bragging rights for many years.

The Pacific Coast Hwy, California

This is the Longest Hwy in California and is one of the most beautiful drives on the West Coast. It’s over 600 miles from Dana point to Mendocino County. There are many beautiful stops along the way, everything from national parks to amazing beaches. It’s also at one end of the route 66 drive, so after you have driven that first 2400 miles, and are still addicted, this can bring you up to an even 3000 miles. One of our favorite things to do is stop at all the Spanish missions all up the coast, it really gives you a sense of history. Truly it is a beautiful drive.

Wilderness Road Heritage Hwy, Kentucky

Follow the steps of Daniel Boone as he blazed the wilderness, starting at the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and ending up in the capital of Kentucky. This is a shorter drive, running at about 94 miles, but there are amazing attractions along the way and beautiful, historical places to see. And as you can imagine you’re doing it a little bit faster than Daniel Boone, so what might have taken him a month may take you the day.

Selma to Montgomery, Alabama

If you want to follow the path of the civil rights movement, then this is the drive for you. You can see where the civil rights movement had their most memorable events take place. The most famous being a march from Selma in 1965 to reach the capital of Montgomery 50 miles away that ended in a brutal police confrontation nicknamed “Bloody Sunday”. There are museums and places along the way dedicated to the civil rights movement as well as Martin Luther King Jr. You can see the steps of the Capitol where Martin Luther King gave his historic speech.

These are just a few of the drives that you can find crossing the United States. There are other drives such as the Old Kings Hwy. in Massachusetts that crosses some of the oldest towns in America, or driving along the Mississippi River and remembering a little bit of that Tom Sawyer history. The United States has a rich history sprinkled all across the country. It’s only a small step for you to go experience it. So get in your car and drive.