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7 Types of Art Mediums You Should Have in Your Home

With the art market having sunk in 2019 by about 5% year over year, we expect things to look bleak when reports are finalized on how spending went in 2020. Unfortunately, with exhibits closed, opportunities to purchase fine-art have been limited and consequently, many artists have suffered.

Fine-art, of course, isn’t the only artistic medium that has been harmed in 2020. Everyone from poets to filmmakers have also seen their markets limited by government-imposed lockdowns that have severely limited people’s ability to work and earn disposable incomes.

As ’21 rears its head, some are eyeing various types of art mediums that they can purchase to perhaps make up for lost time once the economy rebounds. If you’re among those that are looking to adorn your house with cultural significance, keep reading to learn about several variations of art you should make available in your living space.

1. Paintings

We’re first and foremost, lovers of fine-art and within that bucket, lovers of classic paintings. Original paintings in a home say so much about the homeowner. They speak to affluence, taste, and create an aura of exclusivity given that an original painting is literally a one of a kind piece.

With that in mind, we recommend you take a portion of your ’21 art budget and hit up galleries to see which sorts of paintings you can grab. We’re confident there will be deals to be had given the heft of supply leftover from soft 2020 sales.

2. Sculptures

3D art is a types of art mediums favorite that we’re seeing get traction in the marketplace. While not as popular as paintings, they can be every bit as attention-grabbing if you invest in the right piece.

Some galleries specialize specifically in sculptures and can guide you through different things to look for in 3D pieces that can affect value and a pieces’ ability to withstand the test of time, some of which you can see here.

Sculptures are now dropping in price given 3D printing technology’s ability to generate pieces in this vein.

3. Literature

Not all art is art that is hung up on a wall. Some art is rendered in text and has the ability to influence hearts, minds, and destinies.

We, of course, are talking about the artistic prowess of literature.

If your home doesn’t sport a wide array of fiction that spans time and space, get educated, and start making buys. There are fabulous pieces penned by authors domestically and abroad that every lover of art should be prepared to consume and share with visitors.

4. Sketches

Not all art mediums need to be polished. Sometimes, the crudest art is what will inspire onlookers.

To that end, we recommend that you put money into framing sketches around your home. Doing so gives visitors the impression that your love of art stems more from content than obvious visual efficacy.

Some sketches go on to inspire polished works that are printed and sold thousands of times over. To own a piece that goes on to inspire a commercially successful artistic vehicle is a special thing indeed!

5. Poetry

As people build their artistic literature collections, many forget that poetry is an artistic medium in itself they should also be mindful of collecting.

Poetry isn’t for everyone. Still, we think that by having some on hand, you’ll find yourself inspired by its unique phraseology, musings, and ability to be endlessly interpreted.

For those of you that do choose to invest in bringing poetry into your home, consider exploring poets like Dickinson, Frost, Yeats, Blake, and Whitman. Those titans should give your collection a strong base you can continue to build from.

6. Cinema

Moving pictures are every bit as artistic as still ones. Therein lies the value in adding cinema to your types of art mediums to collect list.

So much classic cinema has inspired cultural movements and even other pieces of art. Movies that come to mind in the artistic cinema sphere include titles like Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, La Grande Illusion, and many more.

As you collect artistic cinema, don’t forget to give some thought to modern masterpieces as well and do include animated trailblazing titles like Spirited Away or Beauty and the Beast in your library.

7. Glass

You needn’t look further than an old Catholic church to realize the artistic brilliance of glass. Stained glass windows are incredible artistic mediums that not only look great on their own but create art in a room by blasting floors and walls with color.

Quality stained glass can be hard to come by given its delicacy but several artistic vendors do fabulous jobs of producing durable work that will look great in any home gallery.

For inspiration on the possibilities circulating stained glass windows, explore this BBC guide on the best stained glass displays that exist in the world.

Investing in Types of Art Mediums Enriches the Economy and Your Soul

As 2021 comes around, some people may scoff at the idea of investing in types of art mediums given the financial hardship that plagued 2020. Our take on that is if you can afford to bring art into your home in the new year, do so.

Choosing to invest in art not only supports an artist’s ability to continue producing work but supports your soul’s ability to flourish. Art transports us to different worlds, makes us think in different ways, and even enables our ability to be empathetic towards different people.

Those are all benefits worth pursuing so find art that speaks to you today and feel free to browse more content on our blog for additional insight.