A Simple Guide on What to Wear Golfing

Studies show that 2.5 million people played golf for the first time in 2019.

Have you ever played golf? Do you know what to wear to the golf course? What attire do you currently own for golf?

Knowing what to wear to the golf course is an important part of the game.

Keep reading to learn more about what to wear golfing:

Collared Shirt

Call it an unwritten rule of golf but most golf courses require a collared shirt from the guests at the course. This can vary depending on the course but showing up in a cotton t-shirt or cutoff is rarely tolerated.

When people discuss golf shirts, they are referring to the collared shirts that golfers typically wear. These are an easy clothing piece to find and vary in price, style, and comfort. Finding a golf shirt that fits you properly and doesn’t interfere with your golf swing is important for the function that you will be using it for.

Golf Shorts or Pants

As you can probably guess, there is a certain type of shorts or pants that you will be wearing the collared golf shirt you choose. While your basketball or jogging shorts may be comfortable, they will not be acceptable to wear with a golf shirt on the course.

Depending on the weather, as well as the rules of each course, you will typically see golfers wearing golf pants or golfing shorts. These are dressier than your average athletic wear but are designed to be flexible for the movements that playing golf requires.


Have you ever watched a golfer on a PGA or LPGA tour match play without a hat or form of headwear on? It’s tough to think of a time that a championship golfer isn’t wearing something on their head.

Hats or visors are common in golf, especially during the summer months. You want to see where your ball goes after you hit it and the hat helps deflect the sun from your eyes. It also serves to protect your face from sunburn when you spend hours out on the course on a hot summer day.

Ask the Pro Shop What to Wear Golfing

The best way to find out about the golf attire rules is to go directly to the source. You can call the golf course that you plan to golf at and see what their policies are as far as golf attire.

This information will allow you to plan for what you will wear to the course and ensure that it falls within their rules.

Get Dressed Today

Now that you have read more about what to wear golfing, you can begin purchasing the correct golf attire. Having a selection of clothes in your closet that are designed for golf will help you be prepared the next time you hit the links. Check out our website for more helpful articles like this one.