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Household Cleaning Checklist You’ve Been Looking For

It’s something many of us put off as long as possible—cleaning the house. With so many rooms to think about, the prospect of spending all day scrubbing, sweeping, and washing can be too much to handle.

However, the secret to keeping a home clean is to break the project into smaller tasks. Approach your home’s cleaning room by room, doing a small amount per day.

Just a few minutes per day can be enough for most homes, so even the busiest homeowners can find time to keep the home looking good. To get started, here is our household cleaning checklist, letting you know exactly what needs to be cleaned in each room.


Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms when it comes to household cleaning.

Kitchens are used all throughout the day and often harbor dangerous bacteria. This is especially true in unsuspecting places, such as on your sink faucet, cleaning towels, and fridge.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, you’ll want to sweep the floors and then mop, ensuring your floors are clean for your kids and pets.

It’s also a good idea to wipe down sinks and kitchen countertops each day, removing crumbs, spills, and messes. Use antibacterial household cleaning products to ensure all kitchen surfaces are clean and free from germs and bacteria.

It doesn’t need to be done too often, but you also don’t want to neglect your trash cans and recycling bins. Every few weeks, take them outside and give them a thorough rinse and wash, as you’d be surprised how filthy they can get.


Next on your household cleaning list is the home’s bedrooms. Daily, you’ll want to remove clutter—hang up clothes, put away clutter, and make the bed.

At least once a week, you’ll also want to vacuum the carpets or floors, keeping them clean and tidy. Also dust any cabinets, shelves, or bookcases. Don’t forget to clean your blinds, and if you need to replace them, find a quality blinds store.

If you’re planning a big yearly spring clean and want to include your bedrooms, go through your wardrobes and closets, giving away or donating any items of clothing you no longer wear. It can feel great to declutter!

Should you need some help with a big cleaning project, a professional cleaning company can be a big help.


Bathrooms can get messy quickly, so you’ll want to dedicate some time each week to keeping your bathrooms clean.

Empty the waste bins, sweep the floors, and throw away or recycle any empty beauty products or medicine containers.

You’ll also want to scrub the shower and bathtubs, removing any hair from the drain and removing water rings and stains. Antibacterial cleaning products are the best way to clean your bathrooms, killing any bacteria and germs.

Don’t neglect the toilet bowl either. While it’s not the most fun project, you’ll still need to disinfect the toilet at least once a week, keeping it clean and shiny.


You may not think of your garage as a room in the home that needs to be cleaned, but you should give it some attention, at least once every few months. This is because garages can become cluttered quickly, getting full of boxes, old toys, and cobwebs.

Keeping your garage clean makes for more room for parking your cars, but removing clutter also keeps your garage safer.

Insects, rodents, and spiders love to make their home in cluttered garages, so protect your home from pests by looking after your garage.

If you have a basement that you use for storage, you’ll want to keep it clean for the same reason—no one wants mice or pests getting into the drywall of the home.


It’s not only your home’s interior that needs a cleaning schedule—you also want to look after the home’s exterior.

In addition to your normal yard maintenance of mowing and raking, it’s also helpful to clean any exterior parts of your home. You’ll want to power wash your home’s siding once a year, along with the deck or patio.

If you have a shed or pool house, give them a thorough clean too, getting rid of unwanted items, cobwebs, and debris.

Entryway and Living Room

The foyer, or entryway, is one of the rooms in the house that gets cluttered most often. This is because it’s the first place we walk into when entering the home, so it’s where we tend to drop mail, packages, coats, and backpacks.

You can reduce messiness in your foyer by installing additional storage hooks and cubbies, ensuring every item has a place to call home.

Beyond organizational improvements, you’ll also want to dust all of the furniture in the foyer, vacuum or sweep, and wash the windows.

Your living and family rooms will need weekly attention too. We recommend polishing the furniture, vacuuming, cleaning up clutter, and washing throw blankets or cushions as needed.

Also, dust any photo frames for artwork, clean away smudges off the walls or door frames, and clean curtains or blinds as needed.

If you have a fireplace, it should have a pre-winter servicing each year, making sure the chimney is clear and clean.

Use This Household Cleaning Checklist to Keep Your Home Sparkling

The key to keeping a clean house is organization—you need a schedule, a well-stocked pantry of cleaning supplies, and a plan of attack. To get started, use this household cleaning checklist to come up with a weekly schedule for cleaning your home, noting what needs done daily, weekly, and monthly.

Then, post the schedule somewhere where the entire family can see it, making it easy for everyone to know what needs to be cleaned, and when.

Get started today and you’ll soon be relaxing in your clean, tidy home!

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