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How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost? And Other Birth Control Questions

Let’s face it – the world is obsessed with sex. But with sex on the brain, birth control should be too. It is discussed in school and different forms of contraception are suggested.  But this is something we need to be thinking about for many years so it’s good to be prepared. There are many options available, but they can lead to a lot of questions: What are the side effects of the different pills I might be offered? How reliable is a condom? For those who don’t want children, or feel they’ve already done their fair share of populating the planet, how much would a vasectomy cost? Or how much would tubal ligation set me back?

Confusing right? It is definitely something you need to think about in advance and do your research on. Also to think about is how long you want the birth control to be effective. So, a condom is useful just the once; the pill can be effective for as long as you are remembering to take it when you’re supposed to. Other forms of birth control, such as a birth control shot (a hormonal injection), can last a few months. A birth control implant can last up to three years. Then there are hormonal and non-hormonal IUD’s (that stands for intrauterine device) and these last even longer. A non-hormonal intrauterine device can work for up to ten years and a hormonal intrauterine device can work for up to five years.

And then there are the more permanent options available such as a vasectomy or tubal ligation. There’s a lot of talk these days of these procedures being reversible and unfortunately it has led some to rush in to the decision to go ahead with one of these procedures and then have found they couldn’t have it reversed. While sometime it can be reversible this is not always the case and so before taking this step you need to be sure that you absolutely do not want any children, or any more children at least. If you are absolutely sure and have spent time coming to this decision, then this might be the preferred option for you. No more regular trips to see the doctor or to the pharmacy, no more injections. It definitely has its pros. But as with any birth control options, it is good to also consider the cons. The procedures can be costly, especially tubal ligation and with a vasectomy, it isn’t effective straight away. So do your research to decide what it is that works for you.