Man’s Best Friend: 7 of the Most Loyal Dog Breeds

There’s a reason dogs are known as “man’s best friend”. The same reason that for centuries, humans have been keeping dogs as pets, workers, and protectors.

The reason why today, dogs are the most popular pet among US families, with almost 40% of households owning one or more.

We love dogs because they are friendly, because they bring us joy, and because they are our loyal companions, through thick and thin.

While almost any dog you are likely to encounter will be loyal to a certain degree, there are some particularly loyal dog breeds, known for the dependability and devotion they personify.

If you’re looking for a constant companion, read on for a list of some of the most loyal dog breeds there are.

Akita – The Unwaveringly Loyal One

Topping lists of loyal dogs time and time again, the Akita is a staunchly loyal dog with a heart of gold. Although they can seem intimidating due to their large stature – and they do know how to stand their ground – the Akita is a big softie underneath it all, and perhaps best known for being extremely loyal to its owners.

Beagle – The Loyal but Loopy One

Beagles are known for being active dogs and can sometimes be hard to train, which often overshadows the fact that they are also very loyal and trusting dogs. Although they can be slightly crazy they are also extremely intelligent. What a Beagle might lack in trainability it more than makes up for in its family-friendly, loyal, and loving nature.

St Bernard – The Loyal Hardworker

The St Bernard breed is so loyal that it used to be employed to rescue lost travelers on the side of snowy mountains in Switzerland. Legend has it St Bernards even used to carry mini bottles of brandy around their necks to help ease the pain of injured parties. Large, furry, and lovably goofy, today they’re most commonly found in the homes of loving families.

Kuvasz – The Loyal Royal

The Kuvasz is a large fluffy dog of Hungarian origin which used to be a prized pet and guard dog of the Hungarian royal family, chosen for its loyal and protective nature. The Kuvasz is a sensitive breed and is so attached to its owners that it doesn’t like spending too much time apart from them.

Golden Retriever – The Loyal Best Friend

Known for its kind heart and generous spirit, the Golden Retriever is time and time again named as one of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Easy to train, loyal, and protective, they make great dogs for families, but their intelligence also makes them popular dogs for working roles. Consequently, they often become guide dogs or drug detection dogs.

Catahoula Leopard Dog – The Lesser-Known Loyal One

The Catahoula Leopard Dog isn’t too likely to appear on many lists of loyal dogs, if only because it is such a rare and little-known breed. This doesn’t mean it’s not loyal, however. In fact, this beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking breed is as loyal as it is unique. Find out more about this underrated, overachieving dog at this link.

Rough Collie – The Famously Loyal One

In stark contrast to the previous entry, there are few dogs more famously loyal than the Rough Collie. Ever since Lassie lit up our movie screens, the Rough Collie has been a beacon of staunch loyalty and companionship. They are highly affectionate, will do anything for their owners, and have sensitive souls.

Where You’ll Find the Most Loyal Dog Breeds of All?

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, remember, adopt don’t shop. If you’re looking for loyal dog breeds, look no further than your local kennel. Here you’ll find some of the most friendly, worthy, and loyal kinds of dogs, they just need to be given a chance to share their love.

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