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The Benefits of Website Accessibility – accessibility overlay

You have probably heard people taking about website accessibility more in recent years and the use of accessibility overlay. This is because the matter has become a more serious subject the longer time has gone on. The recent pandemic has seen a huge rise in the number of websites out there as the world has moved online. While this is a positive step and we welcome access to so many things at the click of a button, for some it has caused problems and the feeling that they are being excluded, or not being treated fairly. That is the experience for many who are dealing with a disability. Some may think that by having an online presence they are helping disabled people. But even when online, disabled people may need, and they certainly deserve, a bit of extra help to enjoy the same access as everyone else.

What are some ways that a website can be accessible?

There are many different ways that are needed for the many different disabilities people are living with. For example, a person who struggles with colours may benefit from clear contrasts between written material and its background colour. A person who is unable to hold, or control, a mouse may benefit from being able to access the whole website with the use of a keyboard. Someone else may appreciate the use of simple, straight forward language, or subtitles on a video.

Is it necessary?

For a disabled user, yes it could be necessary, which means we should all view it as necessary. We would never want to be responsible for making a person feel they were at a disadvantage, not being treated fairly, when visiting our site.

It may also be necessary from a legal standpoint. In many countries it is now a legal requirement and responsibility to make sure your website is fully accessible to disabled users. So, a failure to do so could mean that you are breaking the law.

If your business is struggling because of the pandemic, it may also be necessary for you from a financial point of view. To make your website accessible, you are increasing the number of potential visitors to your site by millions upon millions. You will also boost your spot in search engine rankings and improve your company’s reputation.

So, what do you think? Does it sound necessary to you? Get your website fully accessible today, knowing it is the right thing to do, and enjoying the benefits that result.